The Reference PGD Laboratory

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Welcome to ViaGene Fertility

ViaGene Fertility is a Reference Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis Laboratory (PGD/PGS) based in Malibu, California. For the last decade ViaGene has served numerous Doctors and IVF Centers in Southern California. We are known for providing fast and reliable results and also for our willingness and ability to adjust to the special requests from our clients. Be it Day 3 Embryo Transfer scheduled within an hour of the Embryo Biopsy, or Day 5 fresh+frozen blastocyst biopsy with the same day transfer, our clients never have to wait for PGD results past the time of the scheduled transfer.

Fast - Results from OGS-24 or the patent pending EGS procedures are available within a few hours of the embryo biopsy or the same day if we receive the samples from out of state. There is no need to unnecessarily prolong embryo culture or to freeze the embryos while waiting for PGD results.

Reliable - We provide results for each and every embryo analyzed. If an Embryo Biopsy is being performed by our staff, we know it on-site that the biopsied cell has a nucleus and that the embryo will have 100% accurate PGD results. If, on the other hand, an anucleate cytoplasmic "bleb" was biopsied, the second biopsy is always performed.

As long as the biopsied cell has DNA, we will provide accurate results each and every time. For doctors this means no more awkward conversations with patients. For patients this means no more stress about what to do with "no results" or "low confidence" genetic report for the good quality embryo. At ViaGene we provide results for each and every single sample sent to us, and we have complete confidence in our results.

Competent - Unlike other PGD reference laboratories, ViaGene does not simply copy documented procedures developed by other laboratories. We write the procedures that others follow. ViaGene's founder and director, Sergei Evsikov, PhD, HCLD, worked alongside Dr. Yury Verlinsky at the Chicago Reproductive Genetics Institute, where 23 years ago they performed first PGD cases in the United States. In 2001 Dr. Evsikov set up the first PGD laboratory in Southern California at ART Reproductive Center. After parting with ART, Dr. Evsikov founded ViaGene Fertility in 2003.