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Microarray PGS

acgh pgd pgs

To present our clients with more choices in PGD technology, ViaGene offers Array CGH (aCGH) based Microarray PGS. Like OGS-24, aCGH Microarray can analyze all 24 human chromosomes. We are using high-density custom 8x60k SurePrint G3 Human CGH arrays from Agilent Technologies. The numbers mean that a single microscope slide (the substrate for all microarrays on the market) has 8 microarrays printed on it, with each array consisting of 60,000 individual spots. Our custom-printed arrays were designed by ViaGene in cooperation with Agilent Technologies. They are specifically optimized for PGD-aneuploidy testing.

As we show elsewhere, the technology itself is not perfect, but none of them are. However, once everything is set in place and running smoothly, the protocol is pretty straightforward and easy on the lab personnel. The results are being generated by a computer, thus the most stressful part of the job, making a call whether an embryo is genetically normal or not, is taken over by a machine.

To read more about how Microarray works, and to see how Microarray compares to other available technologies, including our own OGS-24, please take a look at our Comparison of Available PGD Technologies.

acgh 8plex and 4plex array from Agilent